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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

A big thankyou to our local community and photos are below –

  1. Want to know whether you should see a health professional about coronavirus symptoms:

    Do not come to the surgery, please use the 111 online Covid-19 service to find out what to do next

  2. Caring for coronavirus patients at home:

    This also includes information about the “Sick Day Rules” for patients taking specific medications so as to help avoid Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). Please please click here for information

  3. High risk ‘shielding’ patient letters:

    Shielded Patients: The Government has established a Shielded Patient process which identifies patients who are most at risk of Coronavirus infection, because of concurrent clinical conditions, and who are being asked to stay at home and avoid face-to-face contact for at least 12 weeks. This is a substantial sacrifice for anyone, and so only patients for whom it is clinically appropriate should be placed on the shielded programme. It is estimated approximately 2% of patients nationally will be identified as appropriate for shielding. If you think that you should have had a ‘shielding’ letter but have not done so, please click here for information

  4. Caring for people at highest clinical risk from Coronavirus: For frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for patients please click here

    As we are all doing, please practice government guidelines on self-isolation and we all hope we will be through this soon.

  5. Best prevention of virus spread:

    ….. 20 seconds of good hand washing technique – click here & stay at home !

  6. For travel insurance queries:

    concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus) click here

  7. Neighbourhood Schemes:

    We have been made aware of 3 local neighbourhood schemes to assist isolating people who have little or no support from elsewhere:

    – For Parish Council connections click here
    – For St John’s Church connections click here
    – For Bosham Isolation Support BISCuit connections click here

Face Coverings – We politely ask everyone to wear a face covering

It has been announced that from July 24th 2020 everyone is required to wear a face covering when entering a shop or business.

This is in addition to wearing one on Public Transport which has been mandatory for some time now.

If you feel you are unable to wear a mask for auditory/sensory/breathing reasons, please click here and download an exemption card for you to show if asked why you are not wearing one.

Asthma UK also has some useful information

Please note, it is NOT the responsibility or the role of the Surgery to issue anyone with an exemption letter or certificate. Please visit the website above for more information.​


Working together, the local community have rallied and provided us with scrubs, clothing and visors.

Mary got us going with her sewing skills in sourcing patterns and materials. Then an army of very kind ladies have made up sets of scrubs for us. We know that Rachel, Linda, Helen, Linda, Sue, Pat and Janice have made us many sets along with the members of Southbourne Craft Club and others (our apologies that we do not know you all by name).

Sue, Alicia and Kate have now formed the Scrubs Hub Southbourne and continue to make scrubs and gowns for St Richards Hospital as well as other care providers in the local community. They are covering their costs from fundraising. If you are interested in helping, please click here to access their fundraising site.

Batt Sails Ltd have switched their skills and production line and have made us protective visors. and are continuing to supply to other carer organisations.

The whole team, here at the Southbourne Surgery are most appreciative of our wonderful community!

Here are a few members of the team modelling the latest batch of scrubs and the visors – thank you from us all!!!

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